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    Box: $11.00 / 3 pcs

    Add any 3 cheese tarts and get the set for only $11.00



    Love Me Sweet’s Original Lava Cheese Tart is where it all started. This delicious treat is packed with a light cheesy filling that will ooze right out as you take your very first bite. Get ready to be hit with some cheesy goodness!



    Love Me Sweet’s Matcha Cheese Tarts is a match made in heaven for you. These Lava Cheese Tarts are infused with a natural sweet taste of traditional Japanese matcha. It’s a must try for all matcha lovers.



    Chocolate lovers look no further. Get ready for some smooth bittersweet chocolate cheesy filling. This little Lava Cheese Tarts are infused with sweet cocoa that will melt in your mouth curing you from all your chocolate-y cravings.

    What is Lava Cheese Tart?

    Love Me Sweet has been working hard for a long time to come up with the perfect recipe our Lava Cheese Tarts. We’ve perfected the cheesy filling to the point where it will slowly ooze out in perfection (like lava!) as you bite into it. This smooth cheesy consistency is something you definitely have to experience.

    Cheesy Goodness

    Our Lava Cheese Tarts are made with all fresh ingredients. This is the key so that you’ll be able to taste the fresh, light and airy cream cheese. We offer 2 other flavors alongside the Original to bring offer you a different experience in this delicious treat.

    Our Craft and Heart

    Love Me Sweet takes pride in serving you - our customers, handmade and freshly baked Cheesecakes everyday. We prepare everything in store, and bake in small batches so that you can enjoy the freshest Cheesecake experience. We are certain that you can taste the difference in our Cheesecakes.