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    The prominent cheesy flavour and delightful taste of our original cheesecakes have customers coming back for more!



    Our chocolate cheesecakes have the best of both worlds; the pleasant taste of sweet cocoa along with original cheesy goodness.


    Coffee Toffee

    Made with freshly grinded coffee beans along with our famous recipe, it is an instant choice for coffee lovers worldwide!

    What is a Japanese Cheesecake?

    Japanese-style Cheesecakes are known for being light and fluffy. This type of cheesecake originated from Japan and have become a huge hit all over Asia. Unlike your traditional western cheesecake, the Japanese-style uses lighter ingredients and unique baking techniques. The outcome is a deliciously light cheesecake. This is a great for cheesecake lovers looking for a healthier alternative.

    100% Natural Ingredients

    We use 100% natural ingredients at Love Me Sweet and there are no compromises on the quality. We do this to ensure that our cheesecakes are as light and healthy as they possibly can be. The secret is that there is no secret; we only use ingredients that you can read such as: cream cheese, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and flour.

    Our Craft and Heart

    Love Me Sweet takes pride in serving you - our customers, handmade and freshly baked Cheesecakes everyday. We prepare everything in store, and bake in small batches so that you can enjoy the freshest Cheesecake experience. We are certain that you can taste the difference in our Cheesecakes.